Nuker Games

GAME 1: Trash Take Over
Trash Takeover was created between April 8th and April 9th during my game a day challenge.
Click Here to play it. The Main character Blithely the Blob must avoid falling garbage in order to survive.
GAME 2: Rocket Raiser
Rocket Raiser was created between April 9th and 10th during my game a day challenge. Click Here to play it. Fly through the sky while collecting coins and fulfilling your dreams of becoming an astronaut.
GAME 3: Zero G Candy Blaster
this game was created between April 11th and April 14th  during my game *ahem* a day challenge. Click Here to play it. Use your fairy power to destroy the evil space candy!

Game 4: Abi Vs Hannah Dodgeball
This game was created between May 1st and May 2nd during my 'Game a day' challange.
Click Here to play it. Have fun throwing dodgeball at my favorite classmates Abi and Hannah. (Sorry Seth and Isaac, you guys are my 2nd favorite classmates)

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